Rob Button

Day Job:

Medical Writer

Looking for:

lols (laughters out loud)


I enjoy any form of comedy performing, dabbling in a bit of improv, stand-up and sketch. Otherwise I like running and eating Wispas, Animal Bars, Revels etc. The running mostly as a response to the chocolate if I'm honest.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

An alright man.

What was your most important life lesson so far?

Jacket potatoes in the microwave may score big for convenience points, but its not worth the loss in flavour you get vs them done in the oven. Essentially the modern day Tortoise and the Hare.

If you had 3 wishes, what would the 4th one have been? (what nearly made the cut but didn't?)

Being able to see through the doors to the warehouse bit of the big Sainsbury's.

What's your current favourite joke?

Lighthouses to be renamed following discovery they are actually quite heavy.

What's the meaning of existence? (in 3 words or less)

Ask a grownup

Favourite sound?

Unwrapping a tube of Munchies while your mum fills up the car in the petrol station forecourt (p.s. in this scenario I am between the ages of 4-8).

Can you juggle?

No, but I do own a plate for displaying dips in the dinner party environment.

Why do you do improv?

Any excuse to get in front of an audience and muck about really.