Peta Foster


P, Dr P, Petawatt

Day Job:


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Brief history in time:

Peta is a scientist by day, a lover of netflix and nutella by evening, and a biohacking sleep optimizer by night. She has a PhD in experimental physics and on graduating immediately changed her bank cards to include the title 'Dr'... many years later, she has not yet recieved one free upgrade. She struggles on in hope.


Improv, watching live comedy, badminton, yoga, biohacking, dog training, board games, travelling

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Quirky, Smart-ish, Silly

What was your most important life lesson so far?

We are ourselves the hero we need.

If you had 3 wishes, what would the 4th one have been? (what nearly made the cut but didn't?)

World peace

What's your current favourite joke?

Q: Why don't ants get covid?

A: Because they aready have anti-bodies!

What's the meaning of existance? (in 3 words or less)

To experience it

Favourite sound?


Can you juggle?

In my mind only

Why do you do improv?

To be able to be silly and playful with such great people, it's like therapy... but cheaper and with less crying